Shintiara: Adventures on the Event Horizon is a Role-playing Tabletop Game that uses an exclusive setting developed over 20 years.

Shintiara is a planet over which a star and a black hole struggle for dominance, causing great temporal paradoxes. The result is a fantasy world with strong science-fiction elements, where players are called upon to undertake incredible adventures and to reflect upon the nature of the universe.


According to how the characters answer this question, they could cause either the survival or the destruction of the world they live in.

Shintiara is a role-playing game in which players can assume the roles of hundreds of different original characters. Choose from numerous races never before seen in a fantasy world, each with dozens of options, enhancements and limitations.

All welcome the Modern d100!


Shintiara Role-playing Game is a must for the classical d100 fans: an evolution that introduces narrative elements and character building systems that are extremely customizable and quick at the same time.

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