Shintiara is a role-playing game in which players can assume the roles of hundreds of different original characters. Choose from numerous races never before seen in a fantasy world, each with dozens of options, enhancements and limitations.

It goes beyond the classical division between good and evil, between law and chaos and into a more profound distinction between Cosmos and Void, with moral implications which the growth of your character itself towards an ever greater knowledge and power will depend upon.

Shintiara uses a game system called Modern d100, a unique system which has a mechanism that is founded on a base percentage exceeded by a sum of advantages or disadvantages.

Shintiara is a must for the classical d100 fans: an evolution that brings narrative elements and character construction systems that are extremely personalized and quick at the same time.

Every character and every adversary only has one percentage as reference point: Inner Strength.

In this way the goal is always the same, but the physical or mental aptitudes, specializations and other Advantages or Disadvantages will either make it easier or more difficult to reach that percentage.


Choose a Role for your character as reference point for the party (Pure, Heroic, Outcast, Wise, Mysterious, Haughty) that defines how you will behave towards others. 

Choose to be a Human or one of the 5 original races (Skirth, Zolkan, Darqarot, Garduan, Wysper) at your disposal (never seen before in a fantasy game) and dozens of ready-made vocations waiting to be personalized: the Chrono-Guardian, the Wood-Singer, the Bureaucrat, the Enamoured Merchant, the Techno-Fanatic and many others.

Roll your dice in a completely different way! 


Every roll of the classic D100  Percentile Dice is accompanied by another d10, the Asset die, that is used to calculate applicable Advantages and Disadvantages and drastically change the result of the roll.

About dozens of different options allow the player and the narrator to build unique characters and adversaries very quickly. The rules manage typical elements of the setting of Shintiara such as Tech Levels and Paradox Points.

You will find everything in a 300-page, hardbound, full-color manual!


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