YOU MADE IT! Dear Shintiara's friends, we are very pleased to announce that the Kickstarter campaign has been a complete success! The game has been 185% funded! Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your support! 256 backers gave us their trust and shared our dream. US friends were the most enthusiastic, with 92 backers, followed by our beautiful homeland, Italy, with 83 backers; then UK (15), Germany (13), Australia (9), France (7), Canada (6), Spain and Sweden (3 each), and Greece (2)! Shintiara will travel worldwide! Take a look at the 14th, and final, update for more information about the upcoming deadlines. You allow us to print the best Shintiara RPG book we can. You can see the

Take a look to a Modern D100 Character Sheet

Character name: KYUN ADRIEL Description: Young woman of minute build; almond-shaped eyes, one green and the other reddish in colour; a lock of straight, silver-grey hair that hangs a palm’s length on the right temple, with a crew cut for both left temple and nape. Motto: "Time must be repaired, just like a broken clock" Have a look to the sheet (click to download this character sheet): This Recruit has the Haughty Role; Roles indicate the most likely attitude the Recruited have towards others (party members in particular). A Haughty is a dominant figure that gains experience when he succeeds in being obeyed. His Vocation (profession or lifestyle) is the Chronoguardian; this means that he bel



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