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Fantasy, Technology and Time Travels together in Shintiara: Crusade of Time RPG for 5E

Everything is ready for the launch of the Kickstarter on the 15th of January 2021


Shintiara: Crusade of Time is an original sci-fantasy setting for the 5th edition of the most famous role-playing game in the World that will catapult you into a game of time travels and temporal raids.

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing adventures like those in Umbrella Academy, Star Trek Discovery, Tenet, Back to the Future, Prince of Persia, Time trap, Avengers Endgame? That's exactly our goal, proposing this setting we developed in over 20 years of work! 

New artists and designers joined the original Shintiara’s team, after the successful kickstarter of Shintiara: Adventures on the Event Orizon in 2017.

Altogether we developed 6 playable races, 3 new classes, dozens of character options and the rules to manage Time Travel, 20+ New Monsters (together with the Time Dragon!) and Temporal Dungeons. Everything ready to be introduced in every 5th Edition campaign. 


Shintiara is a world that combines sci-fi and fantasy, a planet dilated by temporal paradoxes that exists on the event horizon produced by Siray, the sun, and Murya, the black star.

On the planet of Shintiara, the Recruits exploit Paradoxes (namely items and places from other ages) and Powers that bend time, driven by an apocalyptic vision and with the aim of favouring their Factions.

A long time ago, the two stars Siray and Murya which the planet orbits around were in harmony. Shintiara danced in the space around them for millions of years until, about three hundred years ago, the catastrophic events of the Great Darkness changed everything. For reasons unknown, Murya collapsed, turning into a strange black hole and rupturing space-time around Shintiara.

At that very moment, time was ruptured and an unheard-of clash began: on one side lies Siray, that exerts its influence in order to maintain the planet in the Cosmos, on the other lies Murya, the black star, that threatens to make all time end.

As a Recruit in the Crusade you can shape time as you please, without magic or technology. You can navigate the flow of time either to prevent the Apocalypse or to bring it about.

If it happened, the Apocalypse would be permanent. No journey through time could ever go beyond it.

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Chronicler & Time Dragon
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Shintiara exists, through time, in eight different Ages, though some documents state otherwise. 

All Recruits can accumulate tachyon energy in the form of Paradox Points. They can spend Paradox Points to activate many different effects, also called base temporal powers, such as Accelerate, Slow, Pass through a Veil, Peek into the Future and many more. 

The only way to journey through time is via Veils, which as stated are the thinning of boundaries between different Ages and dimensions.

On Shintiara there are seven sentient races who live on the main continent and are directly involved in historical and temporal events. Every race on Shintiara possesses an additional trait called Culture which represents what one’s own native community deems useful or appropriate. There are eight types of culture and each character inherits their culture from the place or civilization they grow up in. One’s own Culture and Temporal Renown guarantee access to Social Traits and Cultural Feats

Every adventure or campaign in Shintiara treats the Apocalypse as one of the protagonists. The Apocalypse is expected at the end of the Eighth Age and the ways in which it will happen are uncertain. Certain events, however, might manage to shift it either forwards or backwards in time. The shifting of the Apocalypse is managed by the Chronicler via the Apocalypse Clock, a circle divided into the eight Ages of Shintiara and twenty-four circles or phases.

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