In Shintiara: Crusade of Time, players assume the role of heroes called The Recruit. 

The force that maintains balance in the universe has chosen them to lead the world of Shintiara towards its destiny, without however revealing to anyone what this destiny is. The Recruits possess a deeper comprehension than anyone else about the current clash on the planet.

They know well that the Apocalyspe will came beacuse Murya, the fallen star, is attracting the world towards a black hole where time and space will disappear and all will be swallowed by The Void. While Shintiara approaches the point of no return of Murya’s gravitational field, the so-called event horizon, unbelievable time paradoxes happen on its surface: objects, living beings and whole places appear, recalled from the past or from the future.


On the other side there is Siray’s gravitational field. The white star tries its best to maintain Shintiara within the Cosmos, i.e. in a reality where facts and events follow one another according to precise laws. Everyone, in the world of Shintiara, is aware of this situation, but only the Recruited know they can make a difference with their actions and that, siding either with Siray or Murya, they can enormously increase their personal power up to becoming god-like beings ( the so-called Champions of the Cosmos or the Void ).

The rest of Shintiara’s inhabitants is worried and discusses on the paradoxes, a bit like our society worries about pollution and the hole in the ozone layer: we know of their existence, but continue to act normally. The Recruited do not take the fact that every day is followed by another for granted. Timelines from many parallel universes reveal themselves on the surface of the planet and, when these paradoxical demonstrations come into contact, they can produce further paradoxes, increasing the attractive strength of Murya and the probability that reality will be completely destroyed. If and when Shintiara will pass beyond the event horizon, it will be swallowed into the Void with all its history, its complexity, life forms and magic that characterize it. A Recruited is therefore called upon every day either to accelerate or to slow this process down, knowing that every minute that passes could be the last for Shintiara.

Characters can thus achieve great power, rare knowledge, powerful weapons but only at the expense of gaining a certain amount of paradox. When too much paradoxical energy accumulates, new disorders arise, because timelines can overlap and generate a Timewarp, a temporal vortex capable of producing further paradoxical events.

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