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Character name: KYUN ADRIEL


Young woman of minute build; almond-shaped eyes, one green and the other reddish in colour; a lock of straight, silver-grey hair that hangs a palm’s length on the right temple, with a crew cut for both left temple and nape.


"Time must be repaired, just like a broken clock"

Have a look to the sheet (click to download this character sheet):

This Recruit has the Haughty Role; Roles indicate the most likely attitude the Recruited have towards others (party members in particular). A Haughty is a dominant figure that gains experience when he succeeds in being obeyed.

His Vocation (profession or lifestyle) is the Chronoguardian; this means that he belongs to an order which keeps the Void and temporal paradoxes in check.

The Inner Strength with which the Recruited begin the game is 50, so every action has a 50% probability of being successful, prior to applying Advantages and Disadvantages.

Our Chronoguardian belongs to the human race, thus having 6 Specialization Points used to buy Ranks in each ability and also has the Luck Peculiarity, which he can use to “flip” the result of a dice roll.

Positive Peculiarities (Enhancements) subtract Specialization Points from the total, Negative Peculiarities (limitations) increase them.

Amongst the suggested Specializations for Chronoguardians, he has chosen those based on Reason, Ego and Combat; so they have very positive scores! As the sum of the 6 Attitudes (physical and mental) must be 0, the other three must have negative scores. Health Points and Soul Points derive from Inner Strength and from physical or mental Attitudes.

Health decreases with wounds taken, whilst Soul is eroded by spells and supernatural Abilities.

So: a single percentage in each Character, a single goal for every action, but a full range of Advantages and Disadvantages very easy to understand.

Have a lot of fun with Modern d100, fund Shintiara!



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